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Tobias and I (Essay Sample)

what kind of distinctives between you and The main character Tobias in the book of This Boy's Life. need at less 5 paragraphs in this eassy, and at less 3 quotes from the book This Boy's Life to support your argumment. The is most important in the essay. source..
Tobias and I
This assignment evaluates on the character of the boy from the book "This Boy's Life" which is authored by Wolff, Tobias and published in (1989). This Boy`s life is a novel that addresses the life of Toby (aka jack). This interesting memoir of a boy`s life we meet Toby Wolff who is tough and vulnerable. Hence, his mother separates from his father and they are described as wanders. They travel from Florida and went to Utah to try their hand in Uranium mining. The mother was in search of wealth. However, they eventually settle in Washington a place with lots of natural beauty. It is from here the personal desolation is shared. In defining him self he stated that "Because I did not know who I was, any image of myself, no matter how grotesque, had power over me" (Wolff, 27)
Characters of Tobias in relation to mine
Tobias is very creative and always uses his imagination as his refuge. This helps him forget his unhappy life at home. He has been planning to run away from home to escape from Dwight`s authority and from the people`s notion that he is not a good boy. Nevertheless, his attempts to escape failed. Therefore, imaginations acts as a figurative escape and this help him imagine being in good life. For example, when jack cannot go to Paris as he had hoped, he envisions himself from the city`s cobbled streets, green roofs and cafes. Jack also always thought the successful men who he was passing in the...
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