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Themes in The Great Gatsby (Essay Sample)


Read F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby and “Winter Dreams” 
pay close attention to the themes (ideas; topics), such as hypocrisy, carelessness, honesty/dishonesty, dreams, responsibility, tolerance, etc. Write down details from the text or textual evidence that relate to 3 themes.. 2 examples of each theme please from the book not outside sources. Cite examples from the book
the document will not upload so the book Great Gatsby is to be used and the below link is for the short story Winter Dreams

Themes in The Great Gatsby
Scott Fitzergerald ,one of the most accomplished writers of his time, exudes his almost extraordinary creativity and factual analysis of the American Dream in the book The Great Gatsby. He illustrates the futility of the American dream through the Jay Gatsby, who is in love with a woman from a totally different social class. As in most cases involving such, the man decides to do all he could, to make all efforts within his ability, to please the woman and ensure that he wins her for good. However, as sadly as it turns out, the woman opts to get married to someone within her class, leaving Gatsby heartbroken, disillusioned and crushed. This book has a number of themes that emerge as one goes through it.
Honesty as a theme lacks in the novel. Tom, who on one hand plays a devoted husband character, is the first person to lead Nick in the opposite way. He takes Nick in the city to his apartment where he, Tom has an affair with another girl from the Valley of Ashes. Reading the book, we find out that it is not until Gatsby is dead that Nick gives a life picture of Gatsby while speaking with Mr. Gatz, Gatsby's father. All these show dishonesty in the novel that is a huge theme. In summary, Tom, Myrtle and Daisy all have a cheating affair.
Violence as discussed in the book. Tom, who is a football player, brings out this theme correctly. He uses his strong physical body to cause intimidation to those around him. Once offended, Tom would hit a woman straight in the face without hesitation. Moreover, the lavish life and wealth that was enjoyed by Gatsby resulted into a gangster life with series of crimes. The last bit of violence is ...
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