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"The wheel is come full circle" (Essay Sample)

"The wheel is come full circle" Take the above quote from Shakespeare's King Lear and explain what it means in reference to the book and its relation to real life. source..
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: ‘The Wheel Is Come Full Circle’ ‘The wheel is come full circle’, is a line from the tragedy poem by Shakespeare, in Act 5 Scene 3. The phrase illuminates the fact that our deeds, good or bad always come back around to haunt us. It is very clearly shown in the poem that will be discussed in this paper. The poem, called the King Lear, revolves around an elderly wealthy king who wanted to retire from power and therefore decided to distribute his wealth among his three daughters; Regan, Cordelia and Goneril. In his wisdom, Lear decides to share his wealth between the daughters with regard to how much love they showered him. Goneril and Regan according to Lear are the only ones that show love towards him, while Cordelia is rude(Poetry Genius). The other two daughters do not love their father and only pretend so as to please him; Regan on the other hand speaks her mind but truly loves her father. The inheritance goes to the two daughters who pretend to love him while he disowns Regan. From here on, everything spirals away in the wrong direction for everyone. In the poem, Edmund is the character that coins the phrase full circle. He couples this coinage with the element of full to show the completeness of the cycle. He used the phrase to signify that the wheel of fortune had been through the full cycle and that now his acts of villain were back haunt...
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