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The need for handgun control Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


I ordered this essay before and it was not written correctly. This is what I need... I need a summary of what you read the summary has to be on a seperate paper from the essay.. then I need a 5 paragraph essay written in the essay you have to answer the question.. the question is “how do you explain the presence of so much violent crimes in the United States” I’m going to insert the instruction my Proffesor gave.
Kasher, this should be a 5 paragraph essay. Do not separate it into part 1 and part 2. Please look at the question again and answer appropriately. After you have summarized Kennedy’s essay, the question is, “How do you explain the presence of so much violent crime in the United States”.
This essay should be in MLA format


Student’s Name
Violent Crime in the United States
Over the years, the high prevalence of crime rates has been a significant concern for the safety and well-being of Americans. Violent crimes have been rampant in several parts of the U.S., thereby threatening the quality of life of American people. Various U.S. governments have come with different measures to solve the problem. Nevertheless, even today, the U.S. is characterized by some much violent crime.
Violent crime mainly comprises acts such as murder, rape, robbery with violence, aggravated assault, and gang violence. One of the causes of violent crime is low education levels and disadvantaged backgrounds. According to Monuteaux et al. (207), most people from poor backgrounds do not join tertiary institutions and are likely to end up unemployed. In this regard, most of them end up in crime in a bid to improve their life status.
The high prevalence of violent cri

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