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The Life Of A She-Devil By Fay Weldon (Essay Sample)


sources requirements:
*Ruth undergoes extreme plastic surgery. consult an article on plastic surgery today, especially for women in their quest to attain the feminine ideal of beauty.
*Ruth is very critical of marriage and domesticity in a patriarchal society. Find a source that echoes some of her concerns, either from a feminist position or, more interestingly, from the view of a male who would disagree with Ruth's domestic discontent.
*Ruth seeks in a very real way to become Mary through pretty extreme measures. Find a source that describes a real-life situation like that one that Ruth tries to engineer?


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The Life of a She-Devil
Fairy tales carry crucial messages and meaning that help people in dealing with universal human problems, especially to children. They help in budding and developing people’s ego and at the same time dismissing their preconscious and unconscious forces. Additionally, fairy tales play a significant role in teaching people’s cultural norms, values, manners, thus helping them in becoming civilized individuals. It is noticeable that fairy tales shape individuals behaviors and ways since their childhood to old age since they grow understanding the societal norms (Golban, and Karip, 107). In fairy tales, they associate beauty with many aspects such as chasteness, good manners, and morality, while ugliness is intertwined with shyness, arrogance, jealousy, and cruelty. Fairy tales promote patriarchal ideology and culture since they judge the female according to their physical appearance. Thus ensuring most of the main characters are pretty and kind-hearted princesses and heroines. According to traditional tales, beauty is linked with success, which leads to rewarding since beautiful women are married to rich men in society.
Fairy tales mostly highlights women beauty and describes them as beautiful, fair, and pretty creatures. They define women as pretty innocent and admirable princesses waiting for their charming princes. However, according to Weldon, who is a productive writer and does well in fairy tales makes an anti-fairy tale frame that creates a different scenario of a pretty and innocent woman waiting for his prince (Düzgün, 18). In her novel, she talks about a character whose name is Ruth and husband to Bobbo. Ruth, who is neither an innocent nor pretty woman, is described by Weldon as an ugly and monstrous woman who was even afraid of looking her into the mirror. She also defined her as a person who had a delicate appearance. Ruth physical appearance and manners do not complement the feminine image since she is massive, stout, hairy, and has a large nose. Ruth awareness of her body appearance makes her feel inferior when she compares herself with her rival Mary fisher (Golban, and Karip, 97). On the other hand, Mary is defined as a beautiful and pretty princess since she is elegant, glamorous, and full of romance. This makes Ruth hate and see herself wrong, and this also makes her feel as if she represents the mistake of nature.
Ruth knows that her womanizer husband Bobbo cheats on her with Mary fisher, which the society sees as the symbol of ideal beauty, creativity, and success. However, she encourages herself by trying to live a happier and peaceful life by creating the identity of being a loving and caring wife and mum. This makes her acceptable in society since she is raising children who in the future, will be of great importance (Golban, and Karip, 101). Additionally, Ruth fulfills her social roles by being a submissive and good wife to Bobbo and a devoted mother to her children, which makes her fit in the societal paradigm. Unfortunately, she is aware that she remains invisible, unlovable, and insignificant in the eyes of his husband Bobbo due to her body features. This makes her lack full self –esteem thus blaming Bobbo for marrying her despite her strange and monstrous appearance. Moreover, she is forced to face reality when Bobbo intensely humiliates her in front of his family. He continually describes her as a bad mother to his children, a bad wife, and a mediocre cook. He disgraces her by saying she does not qualify to be his wife, and she is a she-devil.
Fay Weldon uses stereotypes of abusers and victims in her writing and develops them in a way that blurs their confidence. In Ruth's story, the reader is made to rep...

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