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Games in Public Spaces. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


The requirements are in the file. there is another list which with the "green topic" label on it, do not choose any topic that inside the "topic label", just pick any topic that except the topic that inside the "green topic label". Other then that just create by yourself. Thank you


This project will be individual presentations, on a topic of your choice. Presentations need to be 5-10 minutes long. You’ll sign up for a time, and they will take place over the next few classes.
Games that happen in Public Space
Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality and Games
Will medical implants have a place in games?
Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO)
Casual Games Educational Games Games for Patients Game Mods
Alternative Game Controls Gender or Race and games Fashion, wearables, and games Machinima
Biography of your favorite game designer
Biography of your favorite game composer
Your fantasy of what games could look like in 2056
The most unusual game you’ve heard about
Games throughout history (a specific time period or type of game)
Ancient history of games
Research your topic and share with the group what you’ve found to be the most striking, the most influential or inspiring about that topic. Maybe it’s one specific game or behavior, or one particular thing that a designer succeeds at. Why is it important to consider these topics now? Do they have a larger impact on our culture?
* Please bring a short slideshow- you can include examples of games, controls, screenshots of communities, photos of interesting people, sketches, diagrams, links, sound or video clips as needed to get your point across.
* In addition you’ll need to submit a three page paper (double-spaced, 12 pt font) supporting your presentation, along with a bibliography of at least 3 sources in MLA format. The textbook can be a source. Wikipedia is not a source, although it can be helpful for finding other articles. This should be posted to the blog.


Game ModsYour fantasy of what games could look like in 2056Ancient history of gamesFashion, wearables, and gamesCasual GamesThe most unusual game you've heard aboutMassively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO)


Student’s Name
Games in Public Spaces
Compared to the previous decades, playing games in public spaces such as arcades has become less popular. Arcades were popular in the 1980s and early 1990s, with the stores filling up with kids for hours and hours throughout the day. The space allowed the children to interact, have fun and debate about the most important topics in their generation. Public gaming spaces had a variety of options for individuals, including Pinball, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Mortal Kombat, among others. Unlike modern gaming, which uses consoles, the popular games played in public spaces require individuals to place quarters on machines. Since the development of smartphones, however, games have gone through a massive transformation from the ordinary arcades to console-based and mobile gaming. The large shift in gaming, especially in Western countries has widened the gaming demographics and placed gaming at the center of media attention. The increase in the number of people who play games is mainly because they are time-killing in nature. However, as more gamers switch to mobile phones and console games, fewer individuals are attracted to public space gaming. This trend limits individuals from experiencing the full benefits of playing in public spaces. Also, the lack of interactions can result in a generation that is unaware of the means of associating with individuals from various cultures, and this can bring conflicts.
Benefits of Playing in Public Spaces

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