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The Sacramento State Student Writing Handbook and Lunsford's The Everyday Writer (Essay Sample)

Comparison – Contrast ASSIGNMENT The Sac State Writing Handbook (Part III) present four major fields. - The (Arts &) Humanities - The Social Sciences - The Natural (& Applied) Sciences (& Mathematics) - Business (& Professional Writing) The prewriting exercise asked you to read and outline your discipline's section in each of these texts. Now write a comparison contrast of those sections for someone who has *not* read these texts. - Your introduction should include this sentence: “This is a comparison-contrast of the [name of your section] section on writing in the disciplines from The Sacramento State Student Writing Handbook and Lunsford's The Everyday Writer.” - Do not discuss the topics of the sample student assignments. Instead focus on the kinds of assignments. Do not over-generalize about all assignments in the field based on the sample assignments. - Focus on the texts. This paper cannot contain any personal opinion or examples that are not in the text (with the exception that you may briefly discuss your experience/opinion in the conclusion). - Quotation should be used sparingly. - End the paper with an analysis of what information you found most helpful. - Include a complete citation at the end in a style manual of your choice (see Class References in SacCT Class Files for the citation in APA & MLA format). - Include a word count at the end. Suggested word count: 500 words. - Title the beginning of each assignment with  your name,  your instructor's name (Linville)  the date that draft was written  the name of the assignment as it appears on the assignment sheet Post your draft here for a peer review. ------------------------- source..
Name: Shehab Abdulwahed
Instructor: Linville
Date of submission:
Comparison- contrast between business writing in The Sacramento State Student Writing Handbook and Lunsford’s The Everyday Writer
Business writing includes various forms of formal communication including business proposals, memorandums, reports and also online communication, whereby writers must adhere to official writing standards. For business Major students expository writing is the most common kind of writing aimed at informing targeted audiences Thus, writing in this discipline ought to identify a particular purpose which should be clearly stated early on. Writing handbooks are relevant for business majors because they provide insights on how to organize business writing. This is a comparison –contrast of the Business section writing in the disciplines from The Sacramento State Student Writing Handbook and Lunsford’s The Everyday Use.
The Sacramento Statement Student Writing Handbook begins by stating the relevance of writing in the business and professional world. Writing is widely used in the workplace as communication is formal and the need to acquire writing skills at school cannot be ignored (Melzer et al 152). Thus, many employees must begin active writing during their studies. The book highlights the importance of writing by focusing on the comments from interviewed professionals. Similarly, Lunsford, O’Brien and Dresdner (411) begin by mentioning the importance of writing in professional work.
Both books mention that business writing is necessary for hiring purposes with regards to resumes and cover letters. Even though, both books focus on the job market Melzer et al further emphasize their points by...
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