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The American Dream and Crash (Essay Sample)


I'm not really sure how long is this should be. I could be filled up to 3 whole pages or less than 3 pages.
Create an MLA formatted Annotated Bibliography that lists and annotates FIVE (5) scholarly and/or critical articles on the film you are writing about. 
1-2 of the 5 sources should be scholarly articles on the film
1-2 of the 5 sources should be articles that discuss the American Dream in general but they must to be relevant to Dream's portrayal in your film
1 of the 5 sources may be credible film reviews or articles relevant to themes examined in the film.
You will also cite your film, but that will not be counted as one of your required five sources and will not need an annotation.
NOTE: You may NOT have more than TWO film reviews. The other three sources must be scholarly articles. In addition, select your sources carefully to be sure they are credible!
How to Get Started with your Film Research:
-Your research should focus on locating sources (articles, books and websites) that discuss the film itself, though it is acceptable to also include sources that discuss the American Dream in general, as well. The focus of the Annotated Bibliography and the film essay is to find, analyze and ultimately cite scholarly or popular articles that support or challenge your thesis and claims about the connection between the film you watched and the American Dream.
-You can also search these databases for articles on the American Dream in general, but remember to add specific key words to your search to narrow your research. For example, if you want to find a source on the rags-to-riches theme, then you may want to add that key word to the search. If you need help finding articles using these databases, check with a librarian.

Annotated bibliography- The American Dream and Crash (2005)
Nicholas, John. "The American Nightmare." Pastoral Psychology 55.2 (2006): 243-245.
This is a review of the film Crash, focusing on the often ignored perspective many people do not achieve the American Dream. To highlight the interaction between power and race relations in Los Angeles is the conflict that emerges where different people come into contact. Lawrence points out that the depiction of Los Angeles as an urban area where drivers are in a different social economic class from those who do not own cars captures the changing realities in many U.S cities. When people collide there is a breakdown in barriers, which characterize racism and exploitation urban sprawl. It is in the unconscious state that people project what is far from ideal as characterized by conflict in the film. The unsavory side of the American Dream is thought to be the quest for dominance extending to the global stage with inequities between races resulting in segregation of racial and economic classes.
Gormley, Paul. “Crash and the City: Race and Rage on the Streets of L.A.” Intellect Quarterly 5 (2007): 24–26.
Gormley points out that depiction of Los Angeles is one where there is fragmentation, and this has been one of the challenges for Hollywood producers as they seek to tell stories involving people from different ethnicities in a disconnected space. However, the notion of ethnic diversity is seen in some way as potentially damaging some of the notions that underpin the American Dream. The article goes to look at films which have been set in Los Angles, but places more emphasis on Crash. One defining characteristic is that the films capture white racial rage, as though the white characters seek to clean up the streets as they attempt to restore the ‘All American life’. In Crash, there is a H...
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