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Textual Anlysis. Analysis of the Border Patrol State. (Essay Sample)


Paper 2: Textual Analysis (20%)
thcs,s'driven “say in which you analyze the effectiveness of writing ^ . . a are “sed ,n Q "»"fiction or literary text to make explicit and/or implicit
outcasts, or rebels. Choose a text from among those provided by e ins ructor and defend your analytical claims using textual evidence such as quotations.
Directions* To succeed with this essay, you'll need to choose a text that interests you enough to merit spending a number of weeks on it. The instructor will provide you with a variety of nonfiction and literary texts from which to choose.
You will need to carefully read and re-read your chosen text to fully familiarize yourself with it. Annotate the text thoroughly, paying special attention to any writing techniques that are used in the text to make explicit and/or implicit arguments about misfits, outcasts, or rebels, as well as the evidence used in support of these arguments.
You may want to begin your analysis of the text by mentioning why you found it interesting and worth writing about. This might even involve using a small amount of narrative in your introductory paragraph. Since your main focus in this paper is the text rather than your personal experience, though, you should limit your use of the word 'I' to these introductory observations.
Because this is a thesis-driven essay; you will need to make sure your paper has an arguable, specific, and complex thesis about the effectiveness of the writing techniques used to make explicit and/or implicit arguments about misfits, outcasts, or rebels in the text. You will also need to develop supporting paragraphs that are unified around arguable topic sentences and that
ojjpecific examples from the texU/ou should avoid summarizing the text throughout your paper. Excessive use of summary can seriously undermine an analytical essay. You might also need to define potentially unfamiliar terms (such as technical jargon), analyzing the use of these terms in the text.
Format: Your paper should be typed and use the following MLA 2016 formatting rules:
1* margins all around
Times New Roman 12 point font
Correct heading: student's name, professor's name, class, and date
Running header: student's last name and page number at the top right of each page
Centered title
Double spacing
i inch indentation for the first line of each paragraphPage Limits: 4-5 (i.e., 4 full double-spaced pages minimum)


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Analysis of the Border Patrol State
The “Border Patrol State” by Leslie Marmon Silko is an article that was written to address the issues most immigrants experience at the border. In her article, Silko reveals several encounters with Border Patrol that is contrary to what is expected of them. The honesty and trustworthiness of the Border Patrol officials is questioned in her article as she describes the agency as one that continually infringes on the rights of immigrants. Silko portrays a tainted picture of the federal agency meant to serve and protect Native Americans in the article. The evidence provided in the material cannot be overlooked, although, it surpasses the integrity of journalism because the author experienced what she writes in the article. The tone, symbolism, metaphors used in the essay are analyzed, as well as the misuse of authority, oppression, and mistreatment of people.

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