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Essay Analyzing and Discussing a Text Message about Gender (Essay Sample)


I need to write 700 pages no more than 800.
“ Analyze a visual Text for messages about gender”
Everything we write is not received on paper. We need to submit by email and the professor checks for plagiarism.
We have to analize a visual text for messages about gender
I wrote the paper draft about the movie Jerry MacGuire and talked about women being the fragile sex in many romance movies. You can use my ideas if you wish.
And also English is my second language, the professor already knows I am having difficulties ( too bad I have not found you before)
I need to submit this paper tomorrow by 11:30 pm. Can you help me?
" This paper must be typed, double spaced, font= Times New Roman 12 or Arial 10.
This paper must be at least 5 paragraphs in length AND must be at least 700 words long. This generally equals at least 2 complete pages. "

Paula Costa
Professor Vazquez
ENC 1101
Essay Analyzing a Text Message about Gender
The depiction of men and women in film and literature may focus on gender stereotypes and the traditional roles, but may also critique the role of women in the society. In the film, Jerry Maguire, the protagonist is Jerry and the title highlights that he is the central figure. As a man who had been fired from a sports management company, his relationship with Dorothy supports the movie’s plot (Crowe). The other characters in the film either support Jerry or oppose him, and Dorothy Boyd is a single mother who decides to work with him and only Rod accepts to be represented by Maguire.
Jerry Maguire inadvertently reinforces the notion that women are there to support men, and they are one dimensional. This is supported by the needs of Jerry, and it is Dorothy who has to follow him to support his venture to be a more successful sports agent. Jerry is on a mission and achieves this by opening a sporting agency because of his conscience and principle, while there is emphasis on white male redemption (Kusz 83). The love life of Avery Bishop who was previously in a relationship with Jerry goes from bad to worse after her break up with Jerry. However, there is no redemption for Avery even as she is a high achiever and interested in business like Jerry.
The film and entertainment industry, mostly depict male characters as the lead actors, who tend to be saviors and protectors. Even though, is a romantic woman the film follows the narrative that women support male characters as their love interests. It is as though, women require the support of male characters to succeed. The case of Avery Bishop shows that women who appear independent-minded are most likely viewed as threatening and unlovable (Crowe). On the contrary, Dorothy represents the faithful and loyal female companion who has by stand with the man at all costs.
Maguire resolves to be more caring rather than place profits before people and be kinder this begins his journey to reconstitute himself, but his mission is also to transform his white masculinity...
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