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Reflection On The Book Tesla: A Man Out Of Time By Margarete Cheney (Essay Sample)


Write a thoughtful reflection on the book "Tesla: A Man Out Of Time" by Margarete Cheney. The reflection should include thoughts on at least 3 of the life events presented in the book; this means you present the event, why you found that event particularly important, and your thoughts on the events impact to Tesla's life. You also should have at least one paragraph reflecting on what your thoughts are on the significance of Tesla after reading the book.

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Tesla: A Man out of Time
The book of "a man out of time" circulates the story of Tesla who was a futurist, a scientist, and an engineer. As the title of the book suggests, Tesla carried out different activities that acted as proof that he was not living in his era because some of the things that he did are the definition of technology in the 21st century. Throughout his life, Tesla went through a lot of events that had various impacts on how he handled things and the person that he turned out to be.
Among the events that took place in Tesla's life is the case of the laugh therapy. Tesla was seriously ill and regardless of the care and treatment that he got from the doctors, the illness did not show any progress of healing. As a result, doctors had given up on him. However, one day he read some quotes written by Mark Twain and started laughing uncontrollably (Cheney 2011). It was at that time when the healing process began. This event is important because it played a substantial role in saving the life of Tesla. Therefore, it had an impact on Tesla's life by teaching him that the destiny of a human life does not necessarily lie in the arms of doctors. The event made him realize that he had a reason to live hence motivating him into the accomplishment of his dreams.
As well, the case whereby Tesla invented the Diathermy technique which was used to reduce the pain that her mother in law was going through during surgery. The technique spread within a short period of time but was sold immorally and illegally (Gunderman, Richard and Aleks 2015). This act did not kill the dreams of Tesla given the fact that he had a lot of projects to work on. It motivated him into completing the other projects that he was working on. In life, not every achievement is acknowledged accordingly due to the fact that the world has been corrupted by the greed for material things. This explains why Tesla moved on despite the fact that his invention was being sold unfairly.
Besides, Tesla had an imagination that the sun was a body packed with high electric charges which caused it to emit rays. When such rays were impinging the earth's atmosphere, they would bring a glowing effect of the sun hence explaining the reason why the sun is visible as a glow of light. Such imaginations helped Tesla in growing his practical skills in other fields other than science. As well, given the fact that his imagination was right, then it kept on motivating him to imagine more phenomena that were occurring in the world. Among them was the formation of the auroras, lightening, and electric shocks among others. Imagination was Tesla's key to practicing ...
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