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Tell Tale Heart and The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe (Essay Sample)


I need a research paper on comparing Edgar Allen Poes work between Tall Tell heart and the Raven

Tell Tale Heart and The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer, poet, editor and critic who lived through the years 1809 and 1849 ( Born in Massachusetts, Poe was one of the best fiction writers in America during his time. He is known for his creativity in creating detective stories, horror and mystery stories that were intriguing to the readers. Some of the works that are well known in the literary circles include The Raven and the Tall Tell Heart. The two are some of the horrific stories that Poe published and some of the most famous of his works. The Raven relates to a man who could not find sleep as he thought about his lover. The Tall Tell Heart on the other hand relates to a man who had an eagle eye and another man that is bothered by the said eye (
Comparing Tell Tale Heart and The Raven
The two stories are quite different in that the Tell Tale Heart relates to a narrator that had some very intense senses, such that his sight, smell, sight and hearing are above the average person. This is how he spots an old man that he believes had supervision. Eventually, the author brings out the elements of horror in the story like in most of his stories. The young man track down the old man, visiting his house in the middle of the night as the old man sleeps. For seven nights, the narrator comes to the room where the old man sleeps waiting for him to open the eye, but he doesn't and the old man does not know that there was someone in his room. Later on in the eighth night the old man opens his eye and the narrator kills him, hiding his remains under the bed (Poe). When the police show up, he convinces them that the old man is away and there is nothing amiss. However, after sometime he hears the old man's heart beating and he tells the police, where he hid the man's remains.
The Raven has a different setting, as it relates to a man who had lost his lover called Lenore. Seated in his room, he tries to read a book to keep his mind off the sorrows of losing his lover, but he is halfway asleep. He hears noises at the door and comes hoping to find a visitor. However, there is no one at the door and he returns to the house. He then opens the window and in flies a raven. Relative to his loneliness, he tries to talk to The Raven, which only utters the word nevermore. The two stories take some different paths and the stories relate to different characters, however there also some very subtle similarities (Poe).
There is a common element that comes out when keenly looking at the two stories. In Tell Tale Heart, the narrator a young man who is said to have heightened senses visits the old man at the turn of the night. The narrator who hates the old man's eye, which he fears has some supernatural abi...
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