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An Eternity Life In China And In The World (Essay Sample)


You can talk about research of eternity life in China or in the world. And then talk about you wrote the summary last time. Explain more it's possible to lengthen the average life ( it showed on the photo) thank you so much!


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Technology Essay
In ancient China, some emperors believed that it was possible to live forever and avoid death. For example, in the Qin Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang decided to send Taoist alchemist Xu Fu with 400 men and women to a nearby sea to discover elixir, but they did not find it anywhere. Later on, Qin Shi bought over 2000 young boys and girls for the same work, but none of them came back. The emperor thought that ingesting precious substances like cinnabar and jade could prevent aging and help them live longer. Consumption of gold and silver was usual in those days, and the Chinese emperor found lots of metals in the waters that could promote longevity. Chinese first introduced the idea of drinkable or potable silver and gold. In Danjing yaojue (a Chinese book), the author describes how important it is for Chinese to avoid aging and live longer. Is there any way to prevent ourselves from dying? We can only reverse or stop aging to an extent and cannot extend our lifespan. Thus, it is safe to say that Zhang Chunlong was just wasting his time on those useless things and techniques. None of them could save his life or his companions' lives. They had to die at any cost as this is a natural process which is applicable to all human beings, animals, plants, and other creatures (Church, Dawson and Stephanie 14).
Various men and women are excited to know what's going on at the cellular or organelle level and what causes them to age. We should bear in mind that our cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes, and there are a few short sections called telomeres at the end of those chromosomes. With the passage of time, when our body cells divide because of chromosomal duplication and DNA replication, the molecules controlling the body functions lose their properties. As a result, the number of chromosomes decreases and cells gradually stop dividing. Experts believe that it is possible to stop aging by halting the death of cells and shortening of chromosomes. If we develop new and powerful techniques to stop or reverse aging, we could potentially protect ourselves from heart disease, Alzheimer's, cancer, blood pressure and diabetes (Wen 15).
These days, scientists have developed a lot of techniques and drugs to prevent aging. From extending telomeres to enhancing intracellular proteins, they have tried to halt aging. Stem cells naturally regenerate cells and encourage the production and growth of healthy cells and tissues. They originate in bone marrow and play a vital role in reversing aging. Apart from their regeneration properties, a unique and incredible feature of stem cells is that they can transform into multiple types of cells such as skin, nerves, blood, bones, hair, muscles and even brain cells. That's how our bodies naturally heal and regenerate themselves. As we age, the number of stem cells and their production diminish and this is what causes aging. Early signs of aging are wrinkles, gray hair, baggy skin, hair loss, dark spots, rough and dry skin, and others. It's safe to say that aging is significantly impacted by the decrease in stem cell numbers, but certain therapies and treatments could reverse this process (Church, Dawson and Stephanie 14).
Experts believe that stem cell therapy is the most authentic, reliable and amazing process of stopping

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