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Teachers Should Carry a Concealed Firearm in School (Essay Sample)


I will upload assignment instructions. The selected topic is: Should teachers be required to carry a concealed fire arm in school for the protection of the student body?
The tentative thesis I submitted previously to my teacher (but can be changed if you need to) is: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” These words, spoken by Benjamin Franklin, resonate with me in the context of our current societal dilemma in schools today worldwide. The views on fire arms in the school environment are all over the spectrum. One thing that is clear is that our children need to feel and be safe when at school, if in no other place. This is why teachers should carry a concealed fire arm in school.


Why Teachers Should Carry a Concealed Firearm in School.
School shootings have become common especially in the United States. Since 2010, there have been one hundred and thirty-eight school shootings. These tragic incidents have contributed to a rise in public concern over gun violence and socialization of students. Not every school shooting has a similar consequence as some of these individuals have sometimes been intercepted quickly or failed in harming numerous people (Beham 1-2). On the other hand, some school shootings have ended with several people dead or injured. The paper will mainly focus on highlight the rationale behind arming school teachers with guns in schools while also providing justifications against this rationale. Additionally, it will highlight the best strategies schools can utilize in allowing educators to possess firearms within school zones.
Analysis on why teachers should be allowed to carry guns in school
Across the country, eighteen states have allowed adults to carry firearms on school property. Those armed normally remain anonymous and no accidents have been reported that involve gun violence. In the Sandy Hook Elementary incident, two administrators had concealed guns while the teachers did not (Drammissi 9). This may have delayed the shooter for forty-five minutes which would have potentially saved several lives and also, allowed law enforcement officials to have adequate time to respond to the crisis.
Lawmakers have made numerous efforts in equipping teachers with handguns. In the year 2006, there were controversial debates from the Wisconsin State Representative, Frank Lasee whereby he highlighted that an approved plan could allow teachers to only be armed during school hours (Horng 1-5). This plan also reassured parents that not any educator will be provided with a handgun to safeguard themselves against such random violent acts that have been constant in the education system.
In Texas, educators have been allowed to carry firearms especially in the Callisburg Independent School District. This has resulted in students feeling safe knowing that their teachers can protect them in case a gun violence incident occurs. To ensure that all educators within this area are firearm proficient, policymakers have introduced a guardian program (Chavez 17-23). This program involves a small force of volunteer school staff that can carry concealed firearms within the school zone. The guardian program has also ensured that all teachers have completed active shooter scenario training annually and routinely take target practice exercises.
Other school districts should follow the policies set by lawmakers in Texas. These regulations implemented in numerous Texas schools have indicated that an educator must possess a license in order to carry a concealed weapon. This has heavily helped in the enhancement of school safety. In the occurrence of unpredictable gun violence in schools, nobody is usually prepared to determine the lives that might be lost since most administrators and teachers are not usually prepared for such a crisis (Chavez 17-23).
In the interest of prioritizing the student's safety, it becomes essential for teachers to carry concealed firearms as this would ascertain this objective in case a gun violence incident occurs inside the school (Chavez 17-23). Lawmakers and parents must firmly promote policies that encourage schools to adopt this important change.
Firearm training for teachers is cost-friendly and in some instances, it is granted free in numerous local and national institutions. School districts in the United States that have begun working with the community and local law enforcement agencies are not allowed to h...

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