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Symptomatic Analysis: Meaning (Essay Sample)


•Working Title of your paper
•Which Movie(s)?
•What the paper is about.
–Symptomatic meaning (Time/Topic)
•Your working thesis (conclusion/hypothesis)
•Bibliographical references optional.
I suggest you not to pick too many topics. Usually, one is good. The key is to go deep with a small number of topics. (Students often say "I'll discuss Japan's women's role, Salary man culture, the environmental issues, and the economic development of the Japan in 2000s through the film XXXX. You can't really go deep this way.)


Symptomatic Analysis
Your Name
Subject and Section
Professor’s Name
Just like other pieces of art, films have also been a representation of the events happening for a particular place and time. It reflects how people (i.e., directors) sees the things happening around them. Thus, being a ‘snapshot’ of the time when it was created, an analysis of such films could give an idea about how particular events are perceived by individuals living during those times. In line with this, this article entitled “Yakuza Culture in Japanese Films in the 2000s” would focus on an asymptomatic analysis of how people perceive and portray the Yakuza group in Japan. It would feature different movies such as 9 Souls, Graveyard of Honor, and Hard Luck Hero, among others. A more detailed explanation of the proposed paper is included in the succeeding sections.
Symptomatic Analysis Plan
This paper is about how Japanese films in the early 2000s portray the Yakuza culture that Japan is famously known for. Although the yakuza has existed for a long time, there have been a lot of gang-related violence that happened in the early 2000s, which could have sparked the interest for portraying the group once again in the movies. One example of such was the firebomb attacks against telephone dating clubs that the group has started, thereby leading to battles amongst different gangs (Hays, n.d.). Additionally, the group is said to have an in

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