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The Symbolism Of The Island: Life Of Pi (Essay Sample)


This is an essay about the life of Pi, so it is about arguing or discussing something in the essay, a fairly deep topic. I talked about the theme of how Pi is saved spiritually and physically, like how he literally survived because of the second story which he physically feeds himself with meat and be a cannibal when he has no choice, and the truth is too ruthless for him so he has to make up this first story, which is an imaginary story with all the animals to spiritually save him.
There is two version of the story of Pi, just read to the end and u will understand. The first one is about him with the tiger and all the animals and the second one he told is what actually happened. The second story is like people being cannibals on the boat and so did pi. Pi tries to avoid facing that which is what I say how he spiritually survived, he came up with the imaginary story with animals. So my point is how pi survive through the marine accident, which is mentally and physically. He made up the story about animals to help him relieve his sins. Just make an argument and talk about that. Need a strong thesis statement and use quotes and analyzes
It will be the best if you finish it with my idea. If you can't, please follow the prompt and give me a paper with valuable ideas. Thank you!


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The Symbolism of the Island

Life of Pi, applies symbols to connect Pi with the rest of the universe comprising science, animals, and religion. Pi acquires the necessary experience in order to survive in the lifeboat. He understands that to survive an individual must withstand trials and tribulations in the best way possible. Pi’s experiences in the ocean helps Pi survive physically, spiritually, and mentally through sacrifice on the boat. The island symbolizes salvation or redemption of Pi as he tends to question the deficit of science.
Pi and Richard Parker (tiger) are on a mysterious paradise. The journey presents one of the longest journeys taken by the duo and was the last journey. The island is expressed as being mysterious and is characterized by strange happening, which deficit science. Upon seeing the island for the first time, Pi thinks that it is a reflection of another body, such as water, and he desperately tries to get off from the rickety vessel but his efforts to run away leads to more adventure of the island. The algae island is made up of seaweed, meerkats and freshwater ponds and is weird(Martel 267). Strange things happen in the island and this makes Pi believe what he sees on the island does not happen literally under normal circumstances. The rising of the dead fish to the surface of the ponds on the island at dusk and disappearing at dawn makes it strange. Pi in the beginning, develops an idiosyncratic belief about the island that is maintained although it is contradicted by reality. For example, Pi says that:
I was getting used to my delusion. To make it last I refrained from putting strain on it: when the lifeboat nudged the island, I did not move, only continued to dream (285-286)

Pi stays on the island for long so as to establish it to be just dilusion as Pi describes the island precisely although the description contradicts the reality(Martel 32). The island, according to Pi has edges and his beliefs indicate that there is a possibility that the island represents some form of comforting faith. Pi says too much the first time he visits the island as his beliefs that it is a sign of some form of comforting faith. On setting his foot on the ground, he does not believe that the island is real and he realizes that it is not made of soil but rather dense algae. Pi says, My foot sank into the clear water and met the rubbery resistance of something flexible but solid. I put the full weight of my foot. Still, I did not sink. Still, I did not believe (292) 

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