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Swift\'s Gulliver\'s Travel (Essay Sample)

This is short essay papers about Swift\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Gulliver\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Travel. There was 7 questions and I have to pick one of the questions. Below this paragraph I attached the question I choose. Use examples and quotes to support the points Question that I picked to write a short essay From Swift¡¯s Gulliver¡¯s Travels, discuss the main character¡¯s self-image, how he sees himself in relation to both the Yahoos and his Houyhnhnm hosts. Is he self-deluded? Why? source..
Swift’s Gulliver travel (Insert name) (Institutional affiliation) Gulliver’s travel Introduction Gulliver’s travel was a novel that was written by Jonathan smith and is one of the most significant works in world literature. The novel portrays a journey of one man to many unusual and strange lands (Swift & Turner, 1998). The main theme of this novel is ironic assessment of human nature, man’s latent for decadence and the risks of abuse of reason. This novel is written like a travel journal and it shows four extraordinary expeditions that were made by Gulliver who was a physician who was serving as a ship’s surgeon and he is not able to give his family a satisfactory home in London. According to the writer, the main purpose of the novel is to depict various shortcomings in the English society in the 18th century (Leask, 2002). The self image of the main character The main character in the novel is Gulliver and he is depicted as a satirical device as he is being used to bring out satire in the novel (John, 1996). However, he is used by the author as a mouthpiece for most ideals and criticisms and also illustrates them. In addition, Gulliver transforms from a naïve person to a skeptical and wise misanthrope. Gulliver has a lot of pride both for himself and his country but this is reduced to absurdity as he is used as an object of humorous satire. However, he likes travelling but this love for travelling causes his downfall. This is because when he embarks on a journey, he is faced with challenges and this makes him to think of leaving the place. He is determined. His life is full of satire and he is able to fit in any place that he goes to (Radner, 2003). In the novel, his image is presented as that of a commonplace man who does not have higher education, but...
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