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Is There a Moral Obligation To Support Our Beliefs With Evidence? (Essay Sample)


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Is There a Moral Obligation To Support Our Beliefs With Evidence?
People tend to believe in various phenomena such as the existence of God, their inner power, entrepreneurial skills, among other things. Since many factors such as stereotypes, upbringing, environmental factors, and personal experiences shape their perceptions, various psychologists have argued whether people have a moral obligation to support beliefs with evidence or not. William Clifford and William James have contrasting opinions regarding supporting beliefs with evidence. Clifford proposes that one should only believe responsibly, which means they should back them with strong evidence that they have investigated. James, on the other hand, argues it is rational to think willingly so long as one can support their proposition (Lotzof 35). Of the two views, I tend to support Clifford’s argument because, in my opinion, one should only believe in what they have sufficient evidence to explain and endorse. In other words, they should only make conclusions based on evidence as beliefs shape actions, eliminates credulous reactions, and pollutes collective knowledge.

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