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The Super Bowl - Unofficial American Holiday (Essay Sample)


Write a 2-3 page paper on the media object from your group presentation(based on project proposal) that focuses on your own personal experience or encounter with the specific media object. Please describe how this object does or does not fit into your daily life, reflect your own media practices, represent your relation to media technologies and the ways in which you perceive of yourself and your media habits. In addition, how has this class offered you a way to look at this object that you would not have considered before? PLEASE BE SPECIFIC and make reference to at least TWO texts that have changed how you talk or think about this object.


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The Super Bowl
The Super Bowl is an iconic American football championship game that is viewed by millions of people worldwide, and is often referred to as an “Unofficial American Holiday.” The way this game is projected on our television screens is an orchestrated event. It's safe to say that Super Bowl 50 is one of the most-watched broadcasts in the history of television, and the Super Bowl is itself an advertising hub. Extra attractions include the presence of Hollywood stars and top models, and performances like the Halftime Show and the Star Spangled Banner, which help attract a massive number of people from across the globe. From the slow-motion replays to the colors, snaps, sounds, and sight of the game, everything is carefully executed to create a unique, stimulating experience for viewers (Benjamin, Jephcott, Eiland, & Jennings, 2006).
For me, the Super Bowl has always been a way to spend quality time with friends and family, and it helps me forget the worries and troubles temporarily. Through this exciting and fun-filled game, I have always gotten a chance to learn new things like how to motivate yourself when there is much pressure or responsibilities on your should, and how to work hard to achieve fame as a player. No doubt, the Super Bowl is an exciting, unique event in the United States, and is a collaborating, action-filled and stimulated day entrenched in emotions where a loss or win can hang in a few plays only (Anderson,

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