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Please make a summery for the below link Please use very basic and simple words in the summery, since I am an international student and I don't want my professor to notice that somebody has done this assignment for me. source..
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The article written by Steven Johnson, gives detailed information about the birth of innovation in the modern world. After the occurrence of tsunami in Indonesia, The article records that many countries gave their donation in support of saving humanity to the city of Meulaboh. This included neonatal incubators. Though, these gadgets were important, it was noted that many hospital staff members were not able to use the machine due to their inability to read the English manual provided for the machine. However, the author of the book notes that since the invention of these incubators, several organizations have put some efforts to create more reliable incubators that suit the need of the modern society. In addition, creation of affordable gadgets would increase their use (Johnson, p.1). The invention of a model of incubators called neo-nurture was marked in the year 2008. This became the model of the mordern incubator, though it was based on automotive technology. Several parts of the gadgets provided several tasks. The machine was able to provide warmth and air filtering purposes. Further, the machine had an alarm gadget and used energy from cigarette lighter or oxide battery. The development of neo-nurture from car parts made a more efficient gadget that utilized the local knowledge as well as the materials naturally available in the society. This made it possible for people who had no medical background to use and repair the incubator without requiring any knowledge of the machine (Johnson, p.1).
The development of these machines was a relief to the society. In this article, it was used as a symbolism to show how new technologies are introduced and adopted in the normal setting of people. People have natural behavior of idealizing innovations. The building of new ideas from the existing ones gives an idea of the natural way through which invention process undergoes. The inherited ideas are arranged together in order to come up with a super idea which might turn out to be the next new invention the world requires. You may wonder how spare parts can becomes incubators, but this is the reality and a practical example of innovation. Creativity of Stephen Jay, collecting sandal wherever he went, marks the innovation in the biological world. Use of tyres to make sandal to him was a metaphor showing how innovation may include use spare parts to create a new product for the society (Johnson, p.1).
Thus innovation can be literally be defined as the use of the available set of ideas and the locally available material in the society. During the emergence of the world, it is noted that small molecules filled the earth. These components include gaseous molecules like ammonia, carbon dioxide among other non-gaseous molecules. These molecules were able to u...
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