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summary of Prose's "Faith and Bacon" Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


So far this semester, we’ve worked on multiple steps to summarize an argument: group paragraphs into sections, define what each section “says” and “does”, differentiate the argument an author responds to from the argument he/she makes, and finally identify the hierarchy of different points (main claim, reason, evidence) in an argument. Your first major essay asks you to draw on these skills in order to summarize a complex reading. You will be interpreting what the essay means and what its important supporting points are, rather than how good or effective it is. In other words, this assignment asks for a descriptive rather than critical essay. Nevertheless, a summary still needs interpretation and explanation—your ideas—because you need to show why your chosen points are important ones. In other words, there can be several justifiable summaries of a complex reading, several but not infinite.
please use simple vocabulary and grammar!!!


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Summary of the Prose’s Faith and Bacon
Francine Prose wrote the article “Faith and Bacon.” She tries to explain how eating pock in the Jewish was regarded as an abomination. She starts by explaining that she was brought up in Brooklyn during the 1950s. Her parents were assimilated Jews and were brought up in more observant households that did not entertain eating pork. As such, the family used to order sweet-and-sour chicken at the nearby Chinese restaurant, whereby all people ate pork. However, as Prose narrates, Bacon was not considered to be pork, although it used to contain some pork. As such, some Jews, especially those who preferred feeding on pork, used to order the crisper and harder bacon because it included less pork.
The Jews believed that eating pork was a way of breaking God's commandments. Therefore, parents attempted to raise children in the instructions of Go

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