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A Student Willing To Improve His / Her Performance In Class (Essay Sample)


First, wait till the second half of the week to write it so you can include thoughts on your final paper. Remember to upload it to Google Docs and share it with your instructor.
Second, instead of repeating information that you already told me in your introductory writing at the beginning of the course, share thoughts about the work we did and what skills you think will be necessary to demonstrate in WRT 102.
Examples: instead of just saying you learned citation skills, explain what you mean. Why are citations important? What function(s) do they perform in academic writing. OR Instead of saying you learned how to argue, tell how arguments work in U.S. colleges. What kind of basic outline works in an argumentative essay? OR Instead of saying you learned you have to show better grammar skills, tell me about one or two types of repeating mistakes you have been making and how you plan to solve that in the future.
in my opinion, what I learn:
First:I learn how to write essay. I have learned how to write an essay, with three steps (introduction, process and conclusion(Write a detailed)
Second:how to do work cited (Find sources suitable for an academic audience (click on link). Your goal is to find 5 suitable sources on the same topic you used for your opening paragraph. They may NOT come from Opposing Viewpoints. Click on the link above.
Enter the data appropriately in a Works Cited page. In our case, it should be done according to MLA 8th edition style. Since it is impossible in such a short time to learn all about the various items that need citations, here are the main ones. )
third:how to Use that mini outline of paragraphs to show how your outside research would help you support your argument
I often have some grammar and word choices problem. so You can write my mistake based on these two points. how you plan to solve that in the future.


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Self-evaluation is an essential process for a student willing to improve his/her performance in class. It mainly involves a moment of analyzing the rate of improvement in writing and progressive advancement in general academic performance. As I analyze my own work, I often ask myself questions like “what have I learned this semester that is new from what I had learned the previous semester?” I also assess what I need to do to improve my performance in the areas that I find myself struggling. When it comes to writing, my major focus has been on ensuring an improvement in my writing skills especially in the presentation of different types of academic and non-academic essays. In this essay dubbed self-evaluation, I thus discuss what I have learned this semester including essay formatting, properly citing different works, and conducting research.
One thing I have learned about writing essays is that there is a writing process. I have learned that the best procedure for writing an essay involves the introduction, process, and conclusion. The introduction involves introducing the topic or idea that one wishes to communicate to the reader or audience. It, therefore, starts with the identification of the audience and then section of the topic of discussion. The main ideas are highlighted in the introduction of an essay. In the process part of the essay, the student is expected to elaborate the introduced topic into details such that they can be of meaning to the reader. The process paragraphs include the introduction of the topic sentence, illustration of the topic, supporting information, and provision of examples. The topic sentences are presented in

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