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How violence in the streets makes a child grow up quickly (Essay Sample)

see attachment. 2500 word I need 4 sources (forgot to indicate), Also, I would like to have the paper done around and between 6am-1pm. It is actually due on the 7th around 9 pm source..
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How violence in the streets makes a child grow up quickly
The wider society plays an important part in the lives of the street children. Values and customs of the mainstream society mould attitudes towards violence, human rights and children. The society creates conditions which can compel families and children to the end or a flourishing environment for children. Institutions or detention centers created by the governments can be very disastrous to children or can help them towards reintegration. Community based organizations as well as the state, provide shelter care facilities. Both state and non-governmental organization programmes are provided to act on behalf of the society at large. They are both funded by tax contributions and donations from the civil society.
Street children are often removed from public places and encouraged to leave the streets purposely for reform, rehabilitation, or protection. Across the world, people have received reports of abuse and neglect in welfare shelters and detention centers. Records of violence against street children in residential centers are usually found in juvenile detention centers and prisons meant for adults (Pradhan 71).
Guards, adult detainees and other children detainees perpetrate physical, sexual and psychological abuses. Continued stigmatization and neglect of street children and at worst state encouragement of violence against children, best reflects violence in governmental institutions. Inadequate staffing and poor physical conditions gives a clear picture of the last priority given by policy makers to the improvement of the future life chances of street children. Violence for children is normalized by abuse in institutions. This exacerbates the effects of past violence in street children, whether as perpetrators or victims.
The staff members of an NGO called Every Child made a case study. In case study by Every Child in Kyrgyzstan, they gave a story of a child called Bektur. The study shows how easily unprotected children can be put under state detention in conditions of impunity. Here is the story; as fifteen years old boy Bektur was found in Karasu city found 25 km away from Osh city in September 2006. He had come to Osh city in June 2006 from Alay region of Osh province to earn money and help his family during his school holidays. This was because he knew many ways of earning money in Osh city than in his own home area. Bektur lived with a single mother who had been divorced by his father. There was immense lack of finance as his mother looked after his younger siblings.
He felt so lucky when he secured a job on a building site whose owner was a businessman from Osh city. He was hired as an unskilled laborer, a collection of workers without a contract then promised to be given five thousand soms which approximated to U$$ 125 by his employer when the constructi...
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