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The Stranger Essay: What Makes Life Meaningful (Essay Sample)


The theme of the Essay: what makes life meaningful.


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The Stranger Essay
We will never be happy and satisfied with what we already have if we continue to search for happiness in other things. We cannot live our life to its fullest and give any value to it, and that's what has been depicted in Albert Camus's The Stranger. The question he asks in this story is “what makes life beautiful and meaningful?” various historians and philosophers have proved that people in ancient times used to run after money and fame. Aristotle has always talked about happiness, Viktor Frankl has written much about pain and suffering, and Camus has always discussed absurdism and life. All of their concepts have indirectly answered the question about meanings of life (Dennis 1999).
In The Stranger, Albert Camus particularly talks about what happiness consists of. According to him, we cannot achieve success or live happy if we run after materialistic things. Living a simple and decent life is important, and there is no need to argue with others on stupid matters or create a mess for them uselessly because all those tensions will eventually return to us in one way or the other. People should always take life seriously and think about why they have been sent to this world. Those who are lucky enough to get an answer to this question are the ones who live happily and peacefully. They don't ruin others' lives and never argue on useles

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