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Statement of Purpose (Essay Sample)

The statement of purpose must include: · An introductory paragraph stating the applicant's name, professional background, and interests that may be relevant to the fields of diplomacy and international relations. · Professional development goals that would be better served with a Master's degree in Diplomacy. · How the applicant has prepared for graduate study and what the applicant expects in terms of the program's time requirements, the need for self-discipline, and the ability to manage the seminar material. · The reasons for selecting Diplomacy program as the “program of choice” in your advanced degree planning. source..
I was born In Haiti but at the age of 15 I moved to live with my parents who were residing in Queens in the United States. In the United States I joined Springfield High School where I graduated and afterwards joined New York Technical College. After the first semester I joined the United States Army where I enlisted as a Warehouse Specialist. After training I was posted for my first duty in a place called Fort Stewart. Later I went to Camp Humphreys and then back to the Fort in 1993. At the Fort I was deployed to Haiti with the 82nd ABN DIV as a Haitian Linguist in support of Operation Uphold Democracy. In 1994 I reenlisted and from there I have participated in various operations, for example, Operation Iraq freedom and Operation enduring freedom in Afghanistan etc.
During my Stint in the Army I have come to value the need for intelligence. My presence in Afghanistan and Iraq made me realize how critical it is for a nation to live in peace and unity. The desire to see nations living in peace and seeing the importance of informed decisions initiated in me an interest in Intelligence. My professional short term goal is to finish my Bachelor of Arts degree in Intelligence Studies while my long term goal, after retirement in the Military, is to serve my country in intelligence department. In order to achieve this I have learned to work hard and to push myself beyond my limits. Knowing how a master deg...
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