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Two Pages of Your Narrative: The Star Wars Film Series (Essay Sample)


hello my freind, you made for me the essay with the starwars thing, now i need you to extend the essay, 2 more pages of the same essay but however i need you to use more descriptions, like describe things. ill put for you the old essay you made so that you extend it.

Professor’s Name:
The Star Wars film series have indeed made history and earned a faithful and loyal following that only keeps soaring. Whenever there is news of a new Star Wars film, a new wave of excitement is often evident. The film’s merchandise always sells out, and people have been known to spend a lot of money on Stormtroopers as well as Battle Droids. In 1999, the release of Star Wars: Phantom Menace brought about the same excitement, and as usual, people rushed to the stores to collect their orders while others rushed to place theirs. Children were also caught up in the frenzy and parents had a hard time explaining themselves to their children whenever they failed to buy them Star Wars toys. Memories of that period always make me smile because I remember how much pressure my parents were under.
Droid toys were trending, and almost everyone my age had one. My sister and I always reminded our parents to get us the droid toys, but they always seemed to forget or get caught up in something. As a kid, being told ‘No’ was equivalent to being rejected by one’s long time crush and many parents, like ours, avoided the word. However, the pressure was immense, and it almost became unbearable to continue going to school. Almost everyone in school had a Star Wars toy and some when pressed at the chest spoke. Some of the words or phrases the toys said included ‘I will protect you,' ‘I have a bad feeling about this,' and ‘I am a battle droid.’ These were very common, and I wanted one of these, but my parents had other plans. Finally, however, they yielded and decided to get my sister and me speaking droid toys. When pressed, my sister’s toy said ‘I will protect you’ while mine said ‘I have a bad feeling about this.’ We were indeed elated and never failed to showcase our toys the next day at school.
Apparently, back then, having the droid toy almost instantly made one a celebrity at school. During play time, the children with toys always had a group around them, and almost all of them wanted to play with the toy. Amusingly, they would do anything just to get a few minutes with the toy and remember some of the things some did always make me laugh. The freshest of memories involves a classmate who was asked to carry one of the ‘celebrity’s’ bag for an entire week because he spent 10 minutes with the toy. Some of the things we did were downright stupid bu...
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