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Standard Based Grading System - The Most Appropriate (Essay Sample)


Create an argumentative or neutral synthesis essay from the 4 following sources
“A Simple Alternative to Grading,” by Glenda Potts, published in The Journal of the Virginia Community Colleges and easily found with a Google search;
Isaac Bell, annotated bibliography on contract grading
“Seven Reasons for Standards-based Grading,” by Patricia Scriffiny


Standard Based Grading System
Student performance is an issue of concern not only to the learners but also to the educators and their parents. Different grading systems have been adopted that evaluate students and ensure that the students have the required competency and skills. The student evaluation through tests and exams has been given different approaches that aim at ensuring that the students achieve the necessary knowledge and skills at the end of their course. The traditional grading system and the standard grading system are among the few that have been subjected to endless debates on their ability to improve student performance. The standard based grading system has proven to be the most appropriate system that help students achieve learning goals and objectives through set standards in comparison to the traditional grading system.
Unlike the traditional grading system that only summarizes the students' performance and assigning a numerical number or a grade, the standard based grading system allows for feedback between the student and the teacher. Bell (n.p) notes that with the traditional grading system the students perform their assignments and do not bother to look at it when it comes back, they are only concerned to see the grade given by the teacher. The grade is assumed to be final and this makes no sense to the students on whether the educators give a positive or a negative feedback. With the standard based grading system the feedback between the teacher and the student is enhanced. In this system the grading is only provided based on specific standards ranging from satisfactory to less satisfactory. In this case the teachers give details of their feedback and relevant comments for improvement on the specifics that the student has not performed. With this feedback the student has to revise the paper to the satisfactory level so as to achieve specific objectives on each set question. In essence, the standard based system focuses on the level of understanding of the student rather than the overall grade that they receive.
Potts looks at the contract based system which is similar to the standard based grading system and argues that with the system “students concentrate more on their performance and less on obtaining a grade, as there are no grades given during the course of the semester” (Potts, 33). With the system the students have to achieve the satisfactory level for them t

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