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The Puritans The South and the Middle Colonies (Essay Sample)

The book we are utilizing is: The American Tradition in Literautre 12th Ed. ISBN: 0077239040. The assigned readings are: “The South and the Middle Colonies” The South and the Middle Colonies – p 197 William Byrd – pp. 200-203 John Woolman – pp. 204-218 St. Jean de Crèvecœur – pp. 219-240 You are asked to write a reaction to the assigned readings. These reactions should reflect your understanding of and thoughtfulness about the readings. Thus, for example, you might comment on specific points within a reading with which you strongly agree or disagree; make connections or comparisons across the readings or with other literature you have read; comment on themes, social issues or implications for the future development of literature. It is not expected that you will undertake additional reading, beyond those works assigned, to complete a response although you may make reference to other works if you wish. Also, Answer the following questions: 2. Compare the attitude towards the Indians of three or four of the following authors: William Bradford, Mary Rowlandson, John Smith, Cotton Mather, and William Byrd. You might consider the concept of the good and bad Indian, and the noble savage as part of your answer. Refer to specific Indians to illustrate your response. 11. Compare the visions for America of John Smith, John Winthrop, and St. Jean de Crèvecoeur. Do any of these visions seem compatible with the America of today? source..
The Puritans The South and the Middle Colonies
The following is the evaluation from the book “The American Tradition in Literature 12th Ed.” which was authored by “Perkin George” in 2008 and published by McGraw-hill London. The articles in consideration are that of Sarah knight, William Byrd and Jean De Cr Vec.
The writer Sarah, William and jean has the same motive in their literature showing the situation of the America after the colonization. They have shown the impact that the colonization had in the people. Though they criticize the inhumanity that the colonizers treated the people with, they show the prospect that they have in the beautiful country America.
They all explain the way the American country has good sites, animals that are wild and domesticated that makes the country very beautiful. They explain the activities that the people engage in like hunting and farming. They show also the mixed live complexity that the community live in. once you walk in the field, you will see people who are engaging in different activities such as economical activities, some drunk while others are just idle.
The writers are very much inclined towards the beauty that the America has. They show the amount o the resources that the country has and the potential has. They talk of rich highlands and very hard working people who are out to take the country at a very height. This is discussed by all the writers with examples they give showing the wisdom that the American have. They all support the way the American people live in harmony with each other. They also criticize the way the England carry themselves by defrauding the Indians during the time of doing business.
The writers show the ay the people w...
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