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Souations on death in sewing garments factories in the United States (Essay Sample)

The Sewing Manufacturing Process The instructions entitled Research paper is a continuation of the last paper you wrote for me on the deaths in sewing garments. This will be what are solutions to the problems in the United States. The thesis will be more indebt I think. Teacher said some of the annotated bibliography from last paper can be used therefore you will not have to do another new 8 pages I think. You will know better than I. I will need to show a outline, work cited and title page. source..
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Garment industry which is the largest employer industry in Bangladesh has become the leading cause of loss of lives. The Sewing garment factories have continually brought calamities in the lives of many workers in the United States. Many have lost their lives through fires that have claimed the lives of numerous factories workers. Most of the biggest sewing factories in Bangladesh experienced the same calamity for several times, where hundreds of people died every time this incident occurred. Walmart Supplier was the main garment industry in Bangladesh, and the main suppliers of the United States and Europe (Riedel & Bruce, 17).
Therefore, thousands of workers in the garment factories have lost their live following various calamities across the world. Further, many other families have suffered the loss of their beloved ones because of the fire outbreaks in the garment industry (that employs thousands of individuals). The fire outbreaks are caused by a number of factors such as short circuiting the factory wiring system, poor working conditions and old damaged factory buildings and equipments. The recent biggest fatal accident in the industry was the Bangladesh fire outbreak that claimed over one hundred lives. Fires have become the major cause of deaths in the industry among others such as workload and poor health conditions of the workers, poor working conditions and environments. However, fire is the common cause of deaths in the garment factories across the globe. There are various causes of the fire out breaks in the factories.
As the death toll accelerated due to the same issue, there were concerns especially from the United States, about how to stop such occurrences in future. However, these deaths can be prevented. It is possible to save many lives as the lives that were lost in Bangladesh. Therefore, it is necessary for the factory owners to collaborate or rather corporate with the labor rights groups in order to prevent further damage of property and loss of productive lives. One of the major steps is to ensure good working conditions for the workers. This is attained through renovating the factory buildings and installations such as electric gargets and wiring. This would reduce the chances of fire outbreaks in the factories. Installation of fire distinguishing equipments and worker training on how to use the equipments is another vital move to prevent future deaths in garment industry. This will enable the workers to distinguish the fire at an early stage upon breaking out. Regular examination of the factory equipments would also help in fighting the deaths in garment industry. This is to ensure that all equipments are in good working conditions and the ones in a suggestive state should be repaired or replaced.
Therefore, there are measures that the United States undertook in order to provide a long-term soluti...
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