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Solid And Fragile Love: Intimacy, Passion, Commitment, Sexual Attitudes (Essay Sample)


There’s love around family, there is love between friends, there is also love between lovers. If unloyalw happens will there still be love remain? please describe 3 main point around the topic each topic must be argumentative.
Essay of Relevant literature and requirements:
Othello, The Moor of Venice
5-6 scholarly/peer-reviewed articles
MLA formatting with Works Cited page
essay requires a total of 5-6scholarly/peer-reviewed articles,must includes the article provide by professor. “Othello”(please read“Othello”,and use the quote from Othello),if extra source is needed it will be fine to google.
i’ll have upload the file which includes the requirement of essay and the article “othello”
also please read the “GRADING FOR ESSAYS”


Student’s Name
Solid and Fragile Love
Love is an imperative element in every meaningful relationship. The relationship breeds the external behaviors, thoughts and feelings that define the growth of the connection between the parties involved. These aspects influence “intimacy, passion, commitment, sexual attitudes, trust, dependence and communication (Kochar and Sharma 81).” On the other hand, it is also right to note that love is multifaceted and hence, its expression comes in varying life contexts. For instance, family love is different from romantic love in the same manner that love as friends is different from both.
In regard to this assertion, love is also susceptible to negative influences and if unchecked, could turn to be profound hate between or among the involved parties. The rise of a negative relationship is supposedly the cause of adverse consequences such as murder of a partner or other acts of range. Love is an emotion meaning that it is bound to experience fluctuations of intensity and once the intensity is low, then there is a greater challenge ahead for the partners. Hatred is a negative feeling that develops in social relationships may it be from a family setting, romantic connection, or among friends and with this is in mind, the essay lays much relevance to Shakespeare’s play, Othello, the Moor of Venice besides other unique contributions from psychologists and sociologists.
Othello, the Moor of Venice, is a perfectly scripted play that outlines love and hate in its equal dimensions. The entire plot begins in Venice on a certain street where Roderigo, a rich man, and Iago are in the midst of an argument. The rich man has been using his resources as a means of gaining Iago’s help in the pursuit of Desdemona. Unfortunately, Roderigo is oblivious of Desdemona’s secretive meetings with Othello and realizes later that they have got married. Iago begrudgingly serves Othello as an ensign. Taking into account his case for this ulterior intent, Iago is dissatisfied in the treatment he received from Othello when the promotion opportunity revealed itself. Instead of choosing Iago, he went for an inexperienced soldier, Michael Cassio.
Bias or prejudice is a major factor that cultivates hate and easily leads to hate-motivated violence. Victims often result in acquiring post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) and in most circumstances elicit despair, anger, and anxiety (Meyer 981). Hate-motivated violence takes place in every life context may it be in the family, couples, or friends. Some studies have suggested that this type of violence is much more harmful than property-based crimes and verbal violence in regards to the level of trauma (D’augelli and Grossman 1011). In its natural form, bias is an adverse factor that fails to blurs one from seeing the best that others can offer. It comes in varying degrees and categories including behavioral bias, cognitive bias, and emotional bias. Over time, the relevance of bias in society has lost its significance and instead, related metrics have become subtle resulting in their disregard.
The two extreme emotions, love and hate, have been of great interest to psychologists over the years. Hatred could be perceived as a relatively strong and negative feeling towards the person or object of hate. The person on the receiving end is perceived as “bad, immoral, dangerous, or all of this together (Navarro, Marchena, & Menacho 10).” Psychologists have developed several complex reasons as to why people develop hate in the hope that these individuals can attain self-actualization for the sake of change. In ordinary social settings where people have love each other, hate will develop through the fear that lies i...

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