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A significant challenge (Essay Sample)

Must write a 250 word essay describing a significant setback, challenge or opportunity in my life and the impact that it has had on me. My Statement of purpose I am a Master student at University of North of Texas; working toward Master's degree in Mechanical and Energy Engineering .I am seeking a Summer Internship in Petroleum Engineering. I am confident that my skills, personal motivations, attitudes and my passion for technology are the perfect match for what you require for the post. I have always been exposed to the different works in engineering so I am very passionate about the work. My father works for the government in Gabon under the department of hydrocarbon and geology and my brother works for Shell Gabon. Thus, I have always been inspired by the complexities and the challenges of their works early on that I knew someday join them in having a similar technical profession. My personal exposure in technical jobs gives me insights as to what holding a technical job entails. I know that the day-to-day responsibilities are as important as meeting the global technological challenges in the field and I believe this is my advantage over the other candidates for the post. At present I am taking up Master of Mechanical and Energy Engineering at the University North of Texas, with a 3.5/4 GPA and I finished my Bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering in May 2011 with 3.3/4 GPA. At present, I am an active member of Society of Petroleum Engineers and Math Honor Society Mu Alpha Theta. Needless to say, a summer internship at your company will provide me with the necessary exposure and additional knowledge in petroleum engineering. Should you consider me for the post, I shall bring into the company not just my love for engineering, my personal insights on what the job entails, but also my communication skills, I am fluent in English and French, my software skills (C, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point) and my dedication to work. source..
I have always thought of challenges as disguised opportunities. I was handed a similar opportunity when I was learning software programming as a hobby. Back then, I confronted a challenge that left an indelible difference on my approach to solving problems. At the start of the third session, my instructor showed me a game and told me to program it. I thought of it as an impossible challenge as I cried, "What? We cannot program it. It`...
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