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The Social Values That Are Cultivated Through The Ages (Essay Sample)


Be specific and convincing

Community Service
The community is based on the social values that are cultivated through the ages. As such, these form part of the norms that guide each and every person in the community. As one grows up, they are taught in the ways of the community and this helps in the integration process (ChildrensMD). One of the ways that teenagers are expected to connect with the community is through community service. This is partly an approach that helps connect with the community but most importantly helps in building character.
Helping other people is an admirable character that is highly valued in most societies. It is an approach that helps people to build a character that embodies love for others and being selfless at the most basic level (Florida National University). As such, taking part in a community project is part of being in an activity that does not directly benefit one in person. This is a selfless act when one is able to reach out to the community without the element of expecting anything in return (Florida National University).
Every other person should have the chance to take part in an activity that benefits the community and not themselves (Heidebrecht, Camille). This is a common aspect in living a fulfilling life. It is not just advisable for the teenagers, rather it is a practice that geared towards enhancing the life processes and experiences of any given person. Donating to charity is a common approach (ChildrensMD). For teenagers taking part in the community projects within their area is one of the best ways they can give back to the society. It is also as mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to build on the character. As such, community service is highly advocated.
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