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Social Networking Sites have a Negative Impact on Young People (Essay Sample)


To write an ESL argument essay
There is an introduce paragraph
Then three Body paragraphs
The last Body paragraph wants counterargument and refutation
Then use out resource (reference) for all three body paragraphs
Finally there is a conclusion
Then don’t write perfect or wrong because we’ll finally correct
So still have to write a few things wrong, such as grammar or thesis


Professor’s Name:
Some Research shows that Social Networking Sites have a Negative Impact on Young People. Do you agree? Why or Why Not?
Social media or social networking sites were not terms that seemed mainstream the last decade and a half. Facebook was still in its infant stages, Twitter and Instagram were nowhere to be seen and life was moving on swiftly. However, once social networking sites became a commonality, everyone rushed to see what they were and unfortunately, the majority never came back. Everyone, young and old, seemed to be thrilled with the idea of sharing their lives with their friends. Long lost friends were reunited and people organized camping trips together via social media. People concentrated on what seemed to be the positive side of social networking sites and never for one moment did they consider how much they are being affected. Like everyone else, the young people also got on social media and no one saw a problem with them having social media accounts and creating profiles. However, recently, research continues to affirm that social networking sites are not as friendly as they often appear to be. Several studies have confirmed that social networking sites do have some negative effects on not only the young people but the old as well. The gist of this article is supporting the notion that social media does indeed negatively impact the young people.
First of all, social media platforms transform life to be about likes and comments that one receives. Additionally, young people can find themselves making decisions or taking steps which they may not have otherwise taken just to get likes. “The need to gain likes on social media can cause teens to make choices they would otherwise not make, including altering their appearance, engaging in negative behaviors, and accepting risky social media challenges”. There is almost an obsession with comments or likes today on social media and especially where young people are concerned. Margalit breaks down the obsession with the likes and offers an explanation to help spread the knowledge regarding this like a button. Apparently, “like has become much more than just a positive reaction toward a post or update.” She continues to note that a like has “evolved into a feedback toward the person…As a rule of thumb, the more likes you get, the more loved, you’ll feel.” Well, th

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