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Social Media Addiction Essay: Excessive Use Of Social Media Leads To Addiction (Essay Sample)


Argumentative Research Essay
You are to research (at least five sources with no more than three from Web pages) and compile a 4-5 page argumentative essay focusing on a controversial issue (social media addiction).


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Social Media Addiction
1 Introduction
* Attention-getter: Health experts have now revealed that social media use creates a similar short-term addiction caused by drugs such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), opioids, and cocaine. These drugs often induce the brains dopaminergic system that releases a chemical with positive feelings and euphoria among users. It is common for users to release high levels of dopamine after their status updates or comments are liked by other users on Facebook. Increased levels of dopamine during these events create similar experiences of euphoria produced when using drugs such as marijuana or THC.
* Background: The paper will include general non-substance or behavioral forms of addiction such as Internet addiction and pathological gambling. Finally, research studies on addiction among Facebook and YouTube users will be used to support the premise that the use of social media can result in addiction. While this premise has been disputed by other researchers, using tools such as Andreassen’s Facebook Addiction Scale and the Internet Addiction Questionnaire by Wolniczak et al supports evidence that social networking sites (SNS) use can be addictive.
* Thesis: Excessive use of social media leads to addiction, just like other drug-induced addictions.
2 Body
* First body paragraph
* Transition: While it is disputed that social media use does not cause addiction,
* Topic sentence: Increased attention to Facebook has been found to be associated with anxiety, depression, stress, and narcissism among German students, which are signs presented in addiction
* Support: DSM-5 and WHO standards recognize non-substance-induced addiction
* Explanation: Facebook addiction disorder (FAD) align with the characteristics of addiction disorder, which include tolerance (increased time spent in a certain activity), salience/pervasive preoccupation), withdrawal symptoms, mood modification, interpersonal conflict leadi

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