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Social Justice in Education. Unfounded labels. Unfair treatment (Essay Sample)


According to two sources (pls do not use outside sources) to discuss how Education related to Social Justice. “Race, Disability, and the School to Prison Pipeline” and “The Mexican American Struggle for equal Education Opportunity in Mendez v. Westminster”
This is a thesis-based essay, Please built a great thesis statement, and please built two or three arguments, each of them related back to thesis statement. In each paragraph, pls only include one citation from sources, and pls explain what this citation talks about, why you think it support your argument, why you choose it, and the MOST IMPORTANT is pls explain what TWO strategies are used in this example, you could chose two ways to analyze: 1. one kind of strategies to one example; 2. Two kind zof strategies which are applied to both examples.
Key words and Tips: segregation or desegregation; special education programs; African American student and Mexican American student; Juilanne Hing mentioned that special education programs lead people think that Mexican American are disability (racial stereotypes); What is social justice for these Minority student?


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Social Justice in Education
Education has been one of the most affected areas by social injustice even in the 21st century. Several scholars have documented how the issue has left many minority groups relatively at a disadvantage and how the issues have cumulatively become catastrophic to the social, economic, cultural and political development in those communities. Within the cycle of the discrimination of the students of color, imposing unfounded labels on the students of color is the way that used to justify their unfair treatment, which is establishing separate schools and hidden inequalities of school administration for the minority, the student of color, is confirmed as a disability. According to the thesis statement above, this essay will address two ways in which minority students have historically been racially segregated and put at a disadvantage in their quest to get an education.

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