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Smoke Signals Movie directed by Cheyenne Eyre (Essay Sample)


After watching the film, write a three page summary and discussion of the film.
Prompt for your summary:
First part of the summary: Begin with an introduction of the film, an overview or an abstract of the film. Then, in the following paragraphs, discuss the main sections of the film with enough details to show me you have watched the whole film. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence, a synopsis of what that paragraph is about. You may add in your reactions to the scenes; you may use "I" in this summary. I like to see what impressed you, what you learned, while watching the film.
Last page: Conclude with what you see as the deeper meanings in this film. As this film was made and acted by Native Americans, what were the main messages that Alexie and Eyre were trying to get across to you, the viewer? Did this film stretch you beyond the "single story" of Native American culture and into Sherman Alexie's ways of thinking? In what ways do the characters in the film show Native American stereotyping? In what ways to the characters break out of some of these stereotypical roles? Think about the main characters in the film: Victor, Thomas, Arnold, Arlene, and Suzy Song.






Smoke Signals Movie
Smoke Signal is a movie based on Sherman Alexie short stories directed by Cheyenne Eyre. The movie is more of a road trip movie that depicts a journey taken by two Indian teenagers to Arizona. The movie tells an interesting story about the young Native Americans who have a similar historical background which is their place of birth, with different traits. The movie commences with Thomas narrative, but focuses more on Victors

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