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Smoke Halo Essay (Essay Sample)

PLEASE USE UPLOADED IMAGE FOR MY ESAAY. From a visual image, write an analysis of that visual using the tools of rhetoric (ethos, pathos, logos, style, the rhetorical triangle, etc.) . The form of this assignment is an integrated textual and visual essay that utilizes a visual image and the rhetorical elements of composition, presentation, intended audience, and effect. The aim of your argument is to support a thesis—using the tools of persuasion—concerning how your chosen visual text itself offers a persuasive argument.The essay should contain 5 paragraph.5 paragraph should be in the following way 1- introduction should include description of image,description author of image,few sentence about rhetorical device(etho,pathos,logos),thesis of essay. 2- three examples of ethos used in image and how is it persuade as ethos 3-three examples of pathos used in image and how is it persuade as pathos 4-three examples of logos and how is it persuade as logos. 5-conclusion(restate thesis,sum up main points) source..
Smoke Halo
The photo is an advertisement of an anti-smoking campaign. It is targeted to parents who smoke and have children of within their families. The photo has used an image of a young girl watching a halo of smoke most probably from a cigarette. There is an inscription that states that children of parents who smoke get to heaven earlier which implies that other children do so later.
This advertisement appeals to the ethos of the parent because it shows a young girl with a halo of smoke above her head. Even though adults are affected by cigarettes, children suffer most from its effect. On the bottom right corner, we see that the image is from Child Health foundation which is a credible source for the information.
The colors that are used are dark and depressing. It appeals to the p...
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