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Smartphone Applications Can Be Educational (Essay Sample)


Сhoose three smartphone apps to explain why phone can be helpful for educational purposes.


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Phone Apps Can Be Educational

The introduction of new technology just like in other domain has impacted education positively. Technology has led to the advancement of the smartphone and expansion of its market, thus contributing to the development of various educational applications. The development of mobile phone apps has been a swift explosion, which has expansively revolutionized mobile media. The introduction of smartphone education apps has led to the integration of books in the classroom. It stimulates learning from vocabulary learning to literacy skills. Smartphone apps have drawn students’ interest and facilitated groundbreaking work which has enhanced building comprehensive knowledge. Phones can be helpful for educational purposes. Applications such as YouTube, Coursera, and Photo math have a great impact on education today.

YouTube is an online application usually for viral videos, news, entertainment, and music videos. However, learners find educational channels related to their subjects on the app. The use of video tutorials assists both the teachers and students substitute the teacher-centered method of learning. Students watch as they listen to these videos which use pictures for illustration. Channels such as tutor2u give students access to instructions at any time and they can as well replay the video if they missed out on some points. Video learning engages the learners in enhancing communication, critical thinking, literacy skills, and problems solving skills. Tutorials provides specific insight into how using the app save learners the frustration of school technology that is not functioning. Students can capture, organize, scan and share learning material

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