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Skill Check: To What Extent Do Students Review Their Work? (Essay Sample)


Only need to do 2-5, donot need to do 1, 150words per paragraph


Literature and Language
Rhetorical Analysis
There exists a differential margin in the students’ performance from their initial expectations. Felthan and Sharen review the different approaches that students may employ while writing assignments for submission to narrow the margin of their outcomes and their expectations. The underlying concern is the student’s perception of revision and their general attitude towards revising their work. They propose different models which may be adopted in assessment and assignment design to improve the student’s skills with each subsequent assignment. Different interventions are employed to help students improve their skills by generating, reevaluating, reformulating, and refining the objectives of their writing at different stages.
Rhetorical Questions
To what extent do students review their work?
How do students perceive the growth in their writing skills?
What role does revision play to help merge the student’s expectations and their actual performance?
What would be the impact of mandatory revision friendly frameworks?
Is there a change in the mindset with every intervention strategy on revision?
What are the merits and the demerits, if any, associated with revising one’s work?
What are the possible areas of improvement on the strategies to improve performance in the future?
How does one apply what is learned in completing the assessments?
What are the personal responsibilities in the effort to improve one’s performance?
How does one lay a suitable foundation for every writing exercise?
The essence of reading and revising one's work is to help them assess if their work is in line with expecte

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