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Sister Carrie Essay. Literature & Language Assignment. (Essay Sample)


This is an hour essay pleasee
Sister Carrie Exam
Prompt (Use the following prompt to generate a thesis statement that will cover the three main themes in a fully developed in-class essay):
In Sister Carrie How does Dreiser use the shifts of urban and rural settings to convey his general themes about industrialization, human nature, and the interaction between the environment and the individual?
Be sure to include a works cited for the textbook. No other outside sources (other than the textbook) should be used during the exam. The use of the internet is prohibited for research or search engine inquiries.
The following rubric will be used to score the essay:
25/25 Thesis statement follows the prompt; essay is developed in a five-paragraph style format that aligns with the TS
25/25 One quote per body paragraph that follows MLA guidelines for parenthetical citations
25/25 Content is meaningful and shows the student has read the piece
25/25 Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, and Punctuation


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November 24, 2020
Sister Carrie
The story of Sister Carrie is one of the most exciting stories regarding how urban life could lead to a shift in one's personality, ideals, and moral perspectives in life. As could be seen from the story's plot, Carrie's migration from a rural to an urban landscape has shifted her ideals from a simple countrywoman to an 'experienced' woman. In line with the story, I believe that Carrie's drastic personality change is Dreiser's way of showing themes such as industrialization, human nature, and the interaction between them.

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