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How do you show respect for yourself and others? (Essay Sample)

- How do you show respect for yourself and others? - How can respect eliminate violence and bullying? - How can respect make the world a better place? it can be a short story poem an essay or a play source..
How do you show respect for yourself and others
Before anyone can respect those that are around him/her they have to start by respecting themselves. This is a basic piece of the puzzle that is respect. As we learn to respect ourselves, we not only have an easier time respecting those around us but we also understand the essence of respect within any social setting such as the society we live in. Self-confidence is also founded on our ability to respect ourselves. One of the basics of self-respect is the ability to be true to ourselves. This simply means that we have faith in our values. As such, it is becomes less likely that we are going to yield to the pressure from our friends relatives and colleagues either at the place of work, school or at home.
When we have mastered the art of self-respect, we learn to love ourselves the way we are. As such even when we make mistakes us part if our efforts to achieve something, it is less likely that we will end up hating ourselves. At times in life we may put in a lot of efforts towards some of the goals that we have in school or work, with the best of intension but in the end the outcome may differ from our expectations. At such moments some friends that we have at school or even relatives at home may not give necessary support and it is upon us to pull through the situation. This calls for utmost self-respect so us to balance out the negative energy within the environment we are living in. However, as much as we may yearn for those around us to respect us, we also learn that this is not always going to be the norm and sometime those around us will criticise. We need to develop self-respect to the level that we can be in a position to handle positive and negative criticism. When we have learnt the ropes of self-respecteven our outer image shapes up to illuminate the same. To respect those around us we have to first be selfless. This way we can be in apposition to place the priorities of others before our own.This therefore means ...
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