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Should Caesar Be Saved Or Condemned To Death? (Essay Sample)


You have been transported back in time to March 44 B.C. to the Roman Republic. A plot to assassinate Gaius Julius Caesar - the great Roman statesman, rhetorician, and military hero - is set to be carried out on March 15. Standing among the senators and those conspiring against Caesar, you have the power to speak up. Should Caesar be saved or should he be condemned to death? It's your choice; will you be a bystander?


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Should Caesar be saved?
On the day of 15th March, 44 B.C., Rome lost an important leader named Julius Caesar after he was sentenced to death by a few conspirators led by Murcus Brutus and Gaius Cassius. Caesar was a great strategist, thinker, and an exceptional leader. According to William Shakespeare, Caesar was earlier warned by his wife, Calphurnia, but because the warning was based on a mere dream, he ignored it to dream and remained oblivious about the plot to assassinate him. Tragic leaders in the Shakespeare's play are Caesar and Brutus. Caesar lost his life for being a great and visionary leader while Brutus destroyed everything he heard by believing in Cassius' conspiracy. All the same, the burning question is: Was Julius Caesar's murder justifiable? Although Brutus' motives were meant to portray Cesar as a criminal among the public, Mark Antony beat to explain that Caesar was not ambitious but was only instituting reforms to help his people and did not deserve to die.
Just like Caesar, Brutus wanted to control more power. Caesar was a courageous and dignified leader while Brutus was Roman's general. The two leaders led their sides as the leaders of antagonistic sides. They were noblemen in the Roman Empire. Being the ruler of the Roman Empire, Caesar had much power that enabled him to many things within the Empire, including appointing people to different political position (Bennett and Graebner, n.p.). On the other side, Brutus was respected a true nobleman and a general by many people. Caesar earned his power by working hard and being courageous. Nonetheless, Caesar controlled a lot of power and it turned out to be his undoing. This became a fatal problem as seen in Shakespeare's play. Similarly, Brutus was a different version of a strong leader as seen in this play. He showed his nobility and used it to influence people to listen to him often and easily (Shakespeare, n.p.). However, his earlier character as a good leader did not prevent him from making one deadly mistake of his life when he opted for the wrong judgment. Brutus murdered Caesar thinking that this would earn him the much power he wanted but the truly, Cassius's (a close friend) jealousy is what actually trapped him into this conspiracy.
The assassination was based on malice and had no substance. Brutus and Cassius tried to persuade Caesar to bring Publius Cimber back to Rome but he refused. It was not easy to sway Caesar because he was a wise man and a strong leader. They decided to avenge by blame him for being angry for power and use that excuse to assassinate him. It is evident when the perpetrators stab him. The last being Brutus, Caesar says the famous words, “Eti tu, Brute,” translated from Greek words “even you, Brutus?” Earlier, we see how Caesar saved Brutus by offering him administration positions in this leadership (Shakespeare, n.p.). This is an indication that Brutus and his group would

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