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Literary analysis of " The Biggest City in the World" by Daniel Chacon (Essay Sample)

I need a two page literary analysis of " The Biggest City in the World" by Daniel Chacon. Per instructor do not just retell the story, given an in-depth analysis. If you do not have access to the story I can email the pages. source..
Many towns and cities in the world are made up of different activities and divergent cultures. These divergent activities are as a result of the metropolitans and the cosmopolitanism of the invaders of these particular cities. Some foreign people enter the cities and try to camouflage the activities of the activities of the residents of these areas in order for them to associate with these cultures and look as if they are part of the country they have migrated to. The residents of these cities try to resist the acts of these newcomers by avoiding them and treating them as aliens, the act which portrays racism. The novel by the name of ‘the biggest city in the world` is plotted in the Mexico City which has a mixture of activities that portrays the acts of the immigrants and the plights they face from the new environment. This paper analyzes the book giving the main themes that are portrayed by the author.
The novel portrays sense of humor as to the essence that people after getting to the most complicated areas and most valued areas try to avoid those people they know from back home. The gap between them widens while they are in the city where everyone is after a better social status. For instance, the theme is well established when professor Rogstart does not want to be involved in many affairs with Harvey who is a student from his Latin world. In the airport after alighting from the plane the professor does not seem to be concerned by the presence of Harvey though Harvey was amused to see professor in the airport, on the contrary the professor never bothered about him (Daniel, pg 58). Also in the Hotel when they meet again while having breakfast, ...
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