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Shaping of England colonies by Gender Roles (Essay Sample)


• a one-paragraph introduction • a thesis at the end of the introduction, which states the claim that my paper is going to prove. • double-spaced text • page numbers • footnotes that include PAGE NUMBER references • several body paragraphs, no more than one page each • evidence from Little, “Cross-Dressing” • evidence from Ulrich, “Friendly Neighbors” • evidence from UIlrich, “Vertuous Women” • evidence from Reis, Damned Women • examples from all the readings that are relevant to my argument (Note that not all papers will use all of the sources.) • a one-paragraph conclusion • My paper is at least 5 pages long, including the first page.


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Gender has been a topic of concern in the recent past. It is all the aspects relating to femininity and masculinity in society. It encompasses the roles of both sexes and as well as the ideas each of them present. The gender roles would also be social, political or even economic. The society thus is always concerned with the different social organizations based on gender and the roles of each group defined though not in any writing but as a tradition or naturally accepted way. In the England colonies in the 17th Century though, gender roles too had an impact in the way things were done. The roles of male and females were defined in equally exclusive terms, there were some overlap of roles. Women were positioned just below the husband in the family order above the children and above her servants. The role of the woman was thus limited to those under her and ensured that all was performed in the best way possible. This roles of women considerably remained unchanged throughout theCentury. Indeed the position of women and the gender roles in this period shaped the New England colonies in seventeenth century.
Shaping of England colonies by Gender Roles.
The role of women in the trials during the seventh century where they were using their own words and those of their supporters to paint a picture of the unfair religious attacks and as captives of themselves. During this period, as Reis in her book puts it in her book Damned Woman, the woman had a crucial role in the judgments and trial periods for women. Most of the women confessed while others denied but according to Reis most of the women were inherently evil. Women defended other women in courts during their trial periods and ensured that they won their cases. “Was convinced simply that her own passivity and inherent evil would sentence her to an eternity in hell.” (Reis 47). In this case the writer tells clearly that, women were their own devils and also never believed that they did not possess the evil spirits. The trials were merely a made of beliefs which if the women were strong enough and defend each they would have won the cases. Also the economic reasons for the trials are not brought forth by the writer. During this p

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