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Sexually Transmitted Disease Research: Gonorrhea (Essay Sample)


Choose one sexually transmitted infection and write a paper (with sources listed at the end) including the following:
• Description of infection (type)
• How it is transmitted
• Sign and Symptoms
• Diagnosis and Treatment
• What you can do to reduce your risk.
• Short and Long Term Effects Infection with and without treatment.
• List Sources at the end (please use at least two reputable sources outside of your textbook).
This should be in essay form, with footnotes. Make sure you give complete information with scholarly references.

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Sex is a human practice that involves the expression of emotional feelings, adoration and it is a mode of reproduction. Conversely, this practice has unintended consequences or is potentially detrimental. The two most important possible side effects of sexual intercourse are sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and involuntary pregnancy. The STIs are set of clinical diseases which are transmitted through sexual intercourse. For the transmission to occur, one of the partners involved must be infected with an STD. A good example of STIs is gonorrhea. According to statics, it is one of the most common STI in the world. It also called “the drip” or “the clap.” Gonorrhea is an STI instigated by a bacterium termed as gonococcus or Neisseria gonorrhea. In most incidences the infection is asymptomatic and affects both genders. However, when signs appear, they are very distressing. When in the body the infection affects the urethra, cervix, penis, vagina or throat. If not treated in time, it is a serious health risk. In the U.S., it affects about one million people yearly.[Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Gonorrhea. 2016. Retrieved on 15th March 15, 2017 from /std/gonorrhea/the-facts/gonorrhea_bro_508.pdf.]
How it is transmitted
Gonorrhea often spread alongside with chlamydia. For every three women with gonorrhea, one has chlamydia. Neisseria gonorrhea must be inside a human body for it to survive. Thus, in case exposed to an external environment, it dies. Therefore, gonorrhea is commonly contracted through unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person. It may also be transmitted through contact with infected body fluids. For instance, a mother can pass the infection to a child during birth, whereby the newborn gets the infection through contact with the body fluids. However, since the Neisseria gonorrhea is commonly found in discharge from the vaginal and penis, it is usually spread through unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex and sharing of unclean sex aids (WHO 9). Henceforth, those individuals who do sex often with different partners stand a high chance of contracting gonorrhea.
Signs and symptoms
Symptoms habitually show up within the first two weeks of infection. However, in some few cases they may take months to appear, or until the infection has spread to other body parts. Only nine in every ten menfolk and half of the womenfolk infected with gonorrhea will experience the noticeable symptoms of this infection (CD...
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