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Sense Of Sight: Link Between Inner Life And External Reality (Essay Sample)


What Is The Relationship Between One's Inner Life And External Reality? To What Extent Can We Understand Nyc To Be, At Once,both A Place Or Idea? Please Use Article's Quote And Your Own Experience.

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Literature and Language
08 December 2017
Sense of Sight
The link between inner life and external reality is analyzed in the article Manhattan by John Berger because it tells about how everything is not always what they seem. In addition, it was written when the world only believed in the sense of promise and how appearance is defined. Living in New York City has its advantages, but at the same time the fast pace of the environment shows constant change. Those who live in the city experience a physical and spiritual principle.
Those who live in Manhattan have to keep up with the pace of the lifestyle even if traces of difficulty can be seen in their faces. One’s inner life is not always the same as their external reality because their façade may seem strong, but the ever changing of the environment can take its toll. There’s a line in the article that says: “There are many places in the world, cities and villages, where destitute are numerous than in Manhattan. But here the derelict possess nothing with which to make even a mute appeal.” It talks about how the life in Manhattan is not what most people think it is because of the busy life people have to lead in order to keep their status and the city’s reputation. The stunning and beautiful attractions in the city are not always fixed and well-maintained because there are broken structures that have been neglected.
The article relates to some aspects in my life because I have a good way of holding my head up high even if there is a concern I keep thinking about. Of course, people are used to me being an optimistic and enthusiastic person, so I cannot let them see my troubles. When I am around people, they will ask me to do activities with them and engage in social conversations. I would gladly put on a happy face and engage in the gathering. This is relatable to the article because despite the broken parts of Manhattan, they still show an external reality that is desirable to many because it is necessary.
This is not about hiding behind a mask or being two-faced because there are times when a person’s energy is what draws them down. No matter what is bothering me, I try to keep a positive vibe because my whole day will be affected if I do not overcome my emotions or fear during specific moments. Yes, Manhattan is a busy city because of the opportunities it can offer people and the choices...
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