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Senior Speech About Social Media Has Taken The World By Storm (Essay Sample)


This is a senior speech for every high school students who are in senior. You can write any topic for this, but you need to remember you are writing for a Chinese student. Don't choose some hard or difficult topic and don't use too many hard vocabulary. I upload two pictures. you can see the direction on the picture. If u have any question, just send the email to me.


Social media has taken the world by storm. With the internet's accessibility and the rapid development of technology, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and tumbler have become the common social necessity for everyone in the world. In fact, according to the recent surveys conducted in 2017, more than half of the world's population are exposed to the use of smartphones and have regular access to the internet; about 2.62 billion of these users have social media accounts, and the said numbers are continuously increasing through the years. Having the internet readily available at all times, people can easily access information when needed. However, with the dramatic change in the way media works on social networking platforms, lack of censorship, no significant third-party filtering, and fact-checking, mindless access of information on the internet poses a potential danger of misinformation that could eventually lead to a dispute and confusion in society.
Social media, by definition, are the channels or applications that serve as mediums for collective and collaborative transfer of information. These channels offer boundless and uncensored opportunities for everyone to share and add to existing information on the web. Unlike the common forms of media such as the television, newspaper, and radio, people using social networks can share their ideas without them being filtered or censored by any authority—this sense of freedom encourages everyone to freely express their opinions on anything, political or social. Social media sites have become the game changers when it comes to the dissemination and exchange of information. The availability of these sites increases the possibility of people sending and receiving information. These sites not only empower people to actively participate in the information exchange process, but also help them to become socially aware.
The prolific use of social media is quite evident in society. If I were to ask everyone in this room on whether they have an account on any social network or application, they have accessed one, or even just heard of the sites, the majority, if not everyone, would say yes. In fact, in America, eight out of ten adult Americans use these sites on a daily basis. From uploading photos, sharing milestones in life, chatting with friends, or even looking for homemade remedies, the people greatly rely on the convenience of using the social media networks. The simplicity of these sites makes it easier for everyone to access and become a source of information. Adding to this, the introduction of the dynamic array of information sources, such as blogs, Vlogs, and short posts, mak

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