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Self-Portrait Writing Assignment: Description of the Self Portrait (Essay Sample)


Description of the Self Portrait


The Sef Portrait
The self-portrait would picture me in full military gear. I would wear a pair of boots, helmets, gloves and a backpack for military camping. I would wear my microphone and binoculars. I would be having a machine gun and rounds of ammunition. My gun would be pointed towards the direction of the perceived enemy, and I would appear to be on a radio call giving instructions.
The portrait would be set during my middle ages, that is, the early forties. I would appear as a young and energetic adult. I would show sharp focus and dedication to the operation. Appearing in the front of a team, I would depict a situation of providing technical knowledge and guidance and passing instructions to the group on how to move. As the commander, I would appear to be keen and very determined to the mission.
The environment would be relatively dark with a very clear sky and little stars. It would be set in the dirty areas of the Middle East. Old buildings would cover the area with minimal vegetation. The setting would be pictured to show an open space with minimal activities due to the volatility of the city. The old buildings and structures would be an expression of a place that has seen massive gunfire exchange. The walls would be shaded to show bullet holes. Some would be fallen from the massive military explosion devices used during wars.
The paintings would depict me to be in close resemblance to the environment just the same way military persons camouflage to hide in their respective settings at war. I would be in the company of my team, who would be in similar attire. The team would appear to be set ready for the mission, and keen to pick instructions. I would emerge in front of the team as a leader who is courageous and daring. The team would be interested in forming a triangular shape with me at the apex.
Description of the Self Portrait.
We all experience life in different ways. These differences make the world and individuals distinct in all directions, from the way we speak, reason, react, to how we act. To even the way we express our feelings, show love and despair. All these experiences have a significant impact on each and everyone's life. The circumstances we go through are mostly inevitable, and some are as a result of our choices. This point is arguable though.
In my limitless abilities of an artist, just as described above, my portrait would be among the best if not the best. Just like everyone else, I love myself so much that I would do everything to be at peace. My self-portrait would be an expression of an armed forces commander out in the field. The portrait would depict me in a leadership position providing technical and hands-on leadership out in the field (Honig, 89). In the same context, it would show me as a brave person. I would appear to be focused on our target and keen to

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