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Sarah Waters And Novel Fingersmith: Gender Identities In A Society (Essay Sample)


You will write a two-page formal paper proposal that introduces the topic of your final paper, your research questions, your working thesis, and your theoretical approach.


In the past few years, Sarah Waters has received so much attention due to her construction of a historical narrative. Her Victorian novel Fingersmith deconstructs patriarchal norms with the characters struggle to establish their gender identities in a society where heterosexist codes are the norm. The protagonists get involved in a saga that makes them discover their sexual feelings to each other. Waters' story reflects the perceptions we have about ourselves through some of the imposed narratives. It also demonstrates the homosexual relationships and the struggle the victims undergo to have a position in the society. Homosexual has been used as a catalyst that deconstructs some of the patriarchal structures in the society. This encourages us to view the past through a contemporary lens to give us a new perspective of the present. Waters' Fingersmith is related to the current society, thus the reason why I chose to write about it.
Waters' Fingersmith opens up a new path for reconstructing the norms about gender identity and sexuality in the society. In general, she questions the beliefs surrounding gender identity and sexuality. There

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