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A deconstructive look at the role of Antagonists in Drama (Essay Sample)

This paper is for a Development of Drama course, for a Drama major. Please write an essay that focuses on: A deconstructive look at the role of Antagonists in Drama, using examples and quotes from “Faust” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and “Tartuffe” by Molière. A look at Antagonists and their purpose in drama, the tactics they use, and their necessity in drama. From “Faust”, focus on the character of Mephistopheles, and from “Tartuffe” focus of the character of Tartuffe. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you! source..
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Deconstructive look at Antagonists in Drama
Whenever the word antagonist is mentioned, there are a number of definitions that pop into a person`s mind. The most popular definition of this word exists within the boundaries of literature and drama. It is important to note that the meaning of this word is almost similar in different contexts but extends beyond the boundaries of literature and drama. There are numerous meaning and definitions attached to this word with regards to the various disciplines that exist. The common usage of the word antagonist is evident in drama, literature, social sciences, chemistry, and medicine. In biochemistry, the term is used to refer to the different chemical substances that interfere with the normal psychological actions of other substances by blocking the nerve receptors within the process. In physiology, the term is used to refer to any muscle that counteracts interferes with, or opposes the normal physiological action of any other muscles. The definition of this term that will shape the analysis throughout this paper is founded on drama and literature. In a dramatic or literature context, the word antagonist is used to refer to the principle character in any text that is in opposition to the hero or protagonist. Whenever this word is used in a dramatic or literal context, the mind of a person is immediately set to the character or group of characters who are in opposition to the protagonists. There is so much about antagonists that has is not unveiled in the usual research and analysis. The main aim of this paper is to bring out the aspects of this word that have been overlooked, deemphasized, and suppressed in the normal dramatic thinking context. The works of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe will play an important role with regards to reference and providing the deconstructive assessment of the word antagonist. (Goethe)
Faust is a title that has been attached to a series of stories and poem authored by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. The author presents the narratives through employing a wide range of themes and characters. The setting of most of these literal works is in ancient Greece. There are a number of protagonists and antagonists that have been used to bring out the authors main message in all these literal works. The main themes that have been used in the series are redemption and salvation. Faust has been presented as the protagonist whereas Mephistopheles is the antagonist. Within the work of Johann, the plot has been designed to present the over success and happiness that befall the protagonist. These are brought about by the work and plans of the antagonist. Through this element of the literal works, it is clear to note that the antagonist is a planner - always working on something to bring down the antagonist. (Goethe)
In the narrative, the protagonist is presented as being in search for a number of things. The author has presented the rea...
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